Twitter policy encourages abuse–AKA: Twitter Wars

Are you victim? Are you a bully? Has Twitter consistently allowed a blocked user abuse, stalk, post and then delete threats/harassment, thus allowing the nutcase to remain safely within their TOS, as deleted Tweets do not count?

The phone rings in the middle of the night. Panic sets in. The late night phone call is never good news, right? On the other end, a drunken, unemployed, self proclaimed Twitter guru,  hurls accusations at you, threatens to kill you and your family. He records the calls, publishes them on youtube, links to them via his main Twitter account, though he has many. He then tags your Twitter account, daring you to interact with him, over his threats. Dutifully, you report the Tweets, depending on content, for violation of TOS for tagging from behind a block to threats and harassment.

Of course, it takes Twitter several days to get to your claim. In the meantime, drunky has sobered up, at least once, long enough to delete the Tweets you reported. Wait, you have screenshots, oh yes, Twitter does not accept screenshots. But, we do.

This blog site will work to expose Twitters duplicity in dealing with chronic abusers, who have figured a way around their systems, to the point the users are even using data mining programs to further enable their ends. Which include, stalking, threats, doxxing (including children and grandchildren pics and school location/schedule exposing of the children), publication of SSN numbers, identities and general aggressive behavior.

Readers will find many post will revolve around one particular user, but I encourage readers to contact us with information regarding others that Twitter enables. If Twitter will allow these abusers to exist on their site, so will we, but we will bring to light all the things previously hidden by the abusers. This will be via screenshots, DMs, recorded phone calls, etc.

Some will question why law enforcement is not involved. In severe cases law enforcement is involved, there are several cases of identity theft and bank fraud, currently in the hands of the authorities. In those cases, we will first obtain permission before revealing any details.

Readers must understand, it is not against the law to publish photos that are on social media sites for public view. Screenshots and links to Tweets are also public domain, so these are not forbidden by law to republish. The publishing of the SSN’s, along with identities is illegal, but as is this persons history will show, he does so via a blog, password protects info, then shares with like minded abusers.

I have no doubt this will catch up with him, but in the meantime, exposure of his actions, along with exposing Twitters negligence, will be the main goal of this blog. This POS has yet to figure out: We’re not gonna take it!

Let us begin this journey together! If you have instances to share of Twitters blatant prejudice against women, law enforcement supporters, or are a victim who would like to expose your abuser, please contact us!

Written by: Bonnie Blue


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